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We provide teachers and schools with research-proven, standards-based, and classroom-tested science lessons to build science literacy and achievement.

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Attitude Boost (AB)

Grades: 4 and 5, 7 and 8

A science supplement to educate, engage, and improve students' science attitudes and achievement.

AB consists of six lessons designed to build positive attitudes toward science and increase students' science literacy and achievement. AB makes science personally relevant to all students by emphasizing the value of science in everyday life. AB is designed for teachers to implement at the start of the school year as an engagement and assessment module and foundation for the year's science curriculum.

Attitude BoostLearn More

Genetics for Kids (GK)

Grades: 7 and 8

A science curriculum supplement to build science literacy and positive attitudes toward genetics and science.

GK consists of 10 highly engaging modules designed to increase science literacy specific to genetics, which equip students to make future decisions about their health and livelihood. Modules present key content using interactive activities, including experiments, games, problem-solving scenarios, and different reading and discussion strategies.

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KDH Research & Communication's (KDHRC) mission is to produce and disseminate creative, objective, and timely information to improve the health and well-being of the nation's youth, families, and communities. As part of that mission, KDHRC is pleased to share research-proven, standards-based, and classroom tested science lessons developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health. KDHRC partners with recognized subject matter experts, teachers, and curriculum developers to create engaging, easy-to-use, and classroom-tested lesson plans.

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