Attitude Boost Game Guide

Although the AB games are independent activities, they work best as complementary activities to the classroom lessons in the AB Teachers' Guides. The AB Game Guide will lead you through implementation of the games with your class.

This website also includes two other supportive review activities: puzzles and flashcards. These review activities use vocabulary and concepts from across AB. Therefore, we suggest using these supportive review activities as a capstone to your classroom implementation of AB.

Game Guide Lessons

Lesson 1: Zoo Quest

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about one science job – animal nutritionist

Lesson 2: Pattern Recognition

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a fun fact about patterns and the Fibonacci sequence
  • Use scientific inquiry skill of observation

Lesson 3: Scientist Matching

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about five fields of science
  • Learn about the tools scientists in each field use

Lesson 4: A What-o-Mous?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use a dichotomous key to classify and name unknown objects
  • Understand the need for keeping good notes and records in data collection

Lesson 5: What's the Difference?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the value of asking questions
  • Use critical thinking skills

Lesson 6: Stop the Spread

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how three scientific discoveries by different people led to the current medical treatment of infections
  • Understand how research teams contribute to scientific fields

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