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Attitude Boost (AB) is a supplement to the standard science curriculum designed to build positive attitudes toward science and increase students' science literacy and achievement. AB's six classroom lessons make science personally relevant to all students by emphasizing the value of science in everyday life. AB also includes six complementary online games and associated lessons. Although these games are independent from the classroom lessons in a Game Guide for teachers, they work best as complementary activities.

AB is available in two age-grouped versions: AB45 and ABMS. AB45 is optimally designed for fifth grade students and ABMS is optimized for eighth grade students. AB45 and ABMS can also be used with higher performing fourth and seventh graders, respectively. The online games and lessons are designed for any age group.

AB is designed for implementation at the start of the school year. The AB lessons provide an attitude boost that is likely to improve student engagement with and understanding for your standard science curriculum. AB45 and ABMS cover similar and over-lapping topics in age-appropriate ways. Therefore, students can complete both AB45 and ABMS to facilitate greater exploration of the concepts.




Online Game/Game Lesson

1 My Science My Science Zoo Quest
2 My Science is Fun My Science is Fun Pattern Recognition
3 Twenty Questions – More or Less Twenty Questions – More or Less Scientist Matching
4 Scientific Inquiry Uses Methods and Tools Methods and Tools - Inquiring Minds Want to Know A What-o-Mous?
5 Misconceptions - Oh, Really? Misconceptions - Myth Busting What's the Difference?
6 Collaboration and Communication Collaboration and Communication Stop the Spread
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"My students still bring up questions that pertain to the materials we covered in AB. I think this is a great program!"

– A fifth grade teacher in Florida

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