Increasing Positive Attitudes Towards Genetics and Building Science Literacy

Genetics for Kids

Genetics for Kids (GK) is a curriculum supplement designed to increase seventh and eighth grade students' positive attitudes toward genetics and build science literacy. Positive attitudes and science literacy are important because:

  • Positive attitudes toward science relates to higher levels of science literacy and achievement
  • Science literacy is a basis for students' future decisions about their health and livelihood
  • Science literacy and science achievement empower students to think critically and understand and apply science in their daily lives
  • Genetics research is advancing rapidly, therefore it is vital for students to fully understand not only basic genetics, but the social and ethical implications of genetic research and the possible implications for their personal lives in the future

The GK curriculum supplement includes 10 modules. All GK modules contain specific learning objectives aligned with state and national science standards. The modules can be taught in any sequence, and plugged into the standard science curriculum to expand learning beyond the content in most standard textbooks.

GK presents key content through interactive activities, such as experiments, games, problem-solving scenarios, and reading and discussion strategies.

  • Module 1: The Great DNA Extraction
  • Module 2: Chromosomes, coils, and creatures
  • Module 3: Lights. Camera. Karyotypes.
  • Module 4: Genes – What are they good for?
  • Module 5: Fruit Fly Mutation!
  • Module 6: Sickle Cell: They good, the bad, and the deadly
  • Module 7: Solving and sharing the mysteries of genes
  • Module 8: X, Y, and Athletes
  • Module 9: Inheritance – It's the law!
  • Module 10: Blood type – What is your type?
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